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Why Do LED Lamp Beads Add Zener?

May. 27, 2019

LED lamp bead is a kind of semiconductor device that is very sensitive to static electricity, especially for blue, emerald, white and other illuminating LED lamp beads of InGaN structure. This kind of LED lamp bead is more sensitive to static electricity, we know The electrostatic voltage is very high, even reaching tens of thousands of volts. It is easy for the LED lamp bead to touch the static electricity to damage the structure of the LED lamp bead itself, resulting in abnormal illuminating performance or even direct damage. So what is the role of LED lamp beads and Zina? As an Infrared LED China Manufracturer, let's share it with you.

5mm White DIP LED

In order to improve the anti-static ability, LED lamp beads will have a Zener diode built in, especially green, white and blue LED lamp beads, and most of them are bidirectional Zener diodes. The anti-static ability of ordinary LED lamp bead tubes is generally Below 2000V. However, with the Zener diode, the antistatic ability is greatly enhanced, even reaching tens of thousands of volts. Of course, the LED lamp beads added with Zener are slightly higher in price than ordinary ones. Therefore, in order to protect the LED lamp beads, for anti-static requirements:

1 Wear anti-static wrist strap or anti-static gloves when touching LED lamp beads; 2 All equipment and equipment, including racks, should have necessary grounding protection; 3 Store LED lamp beads should use anti-static plastic bag, anti-static turnover box.

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