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White LEDs For Indoor Lighting Applications

Apr. 20, 2019

As an Infrared LED China Manufracturer, let's talk about the application of white LEDs in indoor lighting. As a light source with great development potential, LED's long life, firm structure, low power consumption and flexible form factor have attracted more and more attention. In recent years, LEDs are especially monochrome. LEDs are widely used in large screens, signal lights, and landscape lighting. With the continuous development of LED technology, the light efficiency, color rendering, color temperature, power of single LED and luminous flux of LED module of white LED have continuously made new breakthroughs. People are full of expectations for LED application in lighting.

However, the application of white LEDs to ordinary indoor lighting is also facing a series of challenges. For example, the luminous flux of a single LED light-emitting diode is difficult to meet the needs of general lighting, the unit cost is too high, the luminous efficiency is lower than that of the energy-saving lamp, and the color difference is large. Insufficient stability, etc. Although the research results are gratifying, it still takes a certain amount of time to produce market-oriented products that truly meet the lighting requirements. This is a fact that LED R&D personnel, manufacturers and users cannot avoid.

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