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Eight Issues To Be Aware Of When Using Ultra Bright Water Clear LEDs

Oct. 17, 2018

Issues to be aware of when using Ultra Bright Water Clear LEDs:

1. When using Ultra Bright Water Clear LED, the driving current should not exceed the maximum current required by the specification. It is best not to exceed 20mA. It is recommended that the driving current be between 15-19mA.

2. Each LED will have different VF values. Therefore, in practical circuit applications, it is better to design a lamp with similar VF values in series on one circuit, which is convenient for matching resistors with different values to achieve the purpose of constant current driving.

3. The circuit must be designed to prevent overvoltage (or overcurrent) that can occur during LED switching, and short current or pulse current can damage the LED connection;

4. Some LEDs (blue LED, white LED, etc.) have anti-static requirements, and appropriate anti-static measures should be taken during installation and use;

5. In use, not only the influence of the heat emitted by the LED itself on the lamp, but also the influence of the ambient temperature on the photoelectric performance of the lamp should be considered. Generally, after the ordinary lamp is lit, the temperature at the lamp post should not be greater than 40 ° C; after the power LED is lit, the temperature at the lamp post or the thermal base should not exceed 60 ° C. If this temperature is exceeded, consideration should be given to reducing the drive current or increasing the heat dissipation area;

6. Pay attention to the polarity of the LED. Do not connect the wrong polarity. Under normal circumstances, the longer end of the lamp is the positive pole, and the shorter one is the negative pole. If the two legs are as long, you should carefully identify it.

7. Try not to lean the LEDs too close to the hot electronic components;

8. Avoid rubbing the LED with hard objects such as metal, and do not sandblast to avoid damage to optical performance.

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