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How To Judge Whether The Launch Tube Is Good Or Bad During Use?

Mar. 11, 2019

How to judge the LED light emitting diode's launch tube is good or bad during use? LED Lighting Source Supplier will tell you the answer today.

Because the launch tube is infrared, it is invisible to the human eye, it is not intuitive to the LED, the light is not bright or the brightness is very low, it means that the LED Light Emitting Diode is not broken, and it is good to judge whether the remote control on our hand is good. You can align the camera on the phone with the launch tube on the remote control, and then press any button to see clearly whether the infrared tube is illuminated from the phone.

Therefore, the receiving distance of the infrared receiving head has a very close relationship with the infrared transmitting tube you use. The transmitting tube you use is good, and the distance you receive is farther; this is of course also related to the design of the remote control (remote control The size of the drive current that is designed for the infrared emitter tube. The larger the current you drive, the farther the reception distance will be.