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LED Light-emitting Diode Parameters

Apr. 08, 2019

As an Infrared LED China Supplier, let's talk about the parameters of LED LEDs with 5mm Blue DIP LED as an example.

1. Brightness: The unit is lm (lumen). The higher the lumen, the brighter it is.

2. Wavelength:

White light: warm color (color temperature 2700-4000K), white (color temperature 5500-6000K), cool white (color temperature 7000K or more)

Red light: Band 600-680, of which 620, 630 is mainly used for stage lights, 690 is close to infrared

Blu-ray: Band 430-480, of which 460, 465 stage lights are used more

Green light: Band 500-580, of which 525, 530 stage lights are used more

3. Illumination angle: LEDs with different uses have different illumination angles.

4. Antistatic ability: LED lamp beads with strong antistatic ability, long life and high price. LED lamp beads with an antistatic greater than 700V are usually used for LED lighting.

5. Leakage current: 5mm Blue DIP LED lamp bead is a one-way conductive illuminator. If there is reverse current, it is called leakage, and LED lamp bead with large leakage current has short life and low price.

5mm Blue DIP LED