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What Kind Of Packaging Process Is LED Light Emitting Diode?

Mar. 01, 2019

What kind of packaging process is LED light emitting diode? Today LED Light Emitting Diode Expoter will tell you the answer.

1, the mold strip

Select the appropriate molding strip according to the specified shape and fit the molding strip into the aluminum strip in the same direction.

2, the mold strip preheating

After the mold strip is assembled, it is discharged into an aluminum pan. The air ball is used to blow the debris and dust in the mold die, and then put into the oven for preheating. (Preheating conditions: oven temperature 110 ° C -125 ° C, the public gap +-5 ° C, after 30 minutes into the oven to complete the preheating), due to the different specifications of the mold, the preheating time can be lengthened.

3, adjust the glue

According to the specified type of glue, the ratio of the glue is used to mix (mixing) A and B glue ratio (1:1). If there is pigment ratio, it is blended according to the specified ratio.

4, filling glue

Remove the prepared preheating mold strip from the oven for manual mold filling operation

5, the bracket is glued

Prepare the bracket material and use the applicator to fully apply the cup to the holder.

6, insert bracket

The combination of the mold strip and the bracket after the potting is performed by using the cartridge or the bracket to discharge the bracket

7, visual inspection

After the combination, it is discharged in the same direction and quantity in the aluminum pan and at the same time it is inspected (the bracket can not be biased, the bracket can not be uneven, and the amount of glue is equal to the edge of the die after inserting the bracket Standard of behavior)

8, into the oven

The aluminum pan is neatly discharged and sent to the oven for drying. The temperature control and time control of the oven are specifically regulated depending on the nature of the glue and product specifications.

9, out of the baking mode

After baking and molding at the specified time, the baking and plucking operation is performed.

10, long roast

After the whole process is completed, it is sent to the oven for long-baked or short-baked. The long-baked time is specified for more than 8 hours, and the short-baked time is more than 1 hour.

11, out of the roast

After long roasting or short roasting, carry out the roasting work.

After the completion of this process, the finished lamp of the LED Light Emitting Diode is basically completed, and the product needs to be tested and selected as required.

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