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Important Indicators For LED Light-emitting Diode Packages

Mar. 05, 2019

LED Light Emitting Diode is an important part of LED lighting, which is related to the illumination brightness and overall quality of LED lamps. Therefore, the packaging of LED light-emitting diodes is very important. So, what are the important indicators of LED light-emitting diode packaging? Today, Digit Led Display Supplier will tell you the answer.

First of all, in each luminaire product, thousands or even tens of thousands of LED light-emitting diodes will be used per square meter, so it can directly affect the performance and color saturation and clarity of the luminaire products. In its important impact indicators, there are mainly the following points:

1. Product attenuation

 Since the composition of LED light-emitting diodes will change the brightness and efficiency of LED lighting products, each product will have a life trial period with long-term operation, which will lead to LED light-emitting diodes. The brightness is gradually attenuated, so in the case of the full-color series of lamps, the impact of the future will be large, and the packaging process can effectively reduce the time of the LED lamp beads and the accessories.

2. The efficiency of LED lighting products

In addition to the above-mentioned brightness, in the process of using the lamp bead for the LED lamp, the color classification of the composition is respectively three colors of red, green and blue, and the failure rate of the lamp bead, even the LED light-emitting diode It will not be higher than one in ten.

3. Anti-static ability

In the case of LED light-emitting diode products, because the composition is a semiconductor device, it belongs to electronic products, so it is extremely sensitive to static electricity, and it is easy to generate a series of problems due to static electricity. Therefore, before the package, it is necessary to test the failure voltage. , should not be lower than 2000V.

In summary, in the packaging process of LED light-emitting diodes, the application of these indicators will affect the effect of the lighting products, because the application prospects of LED light-emitting diodes are identified, according to the above points, some of the light beads can also be found. The advantage lies.