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LED Lamp Bead Life And Brightness Increase

Jun. 15, 2019

LED lamp beads should maintain long life and high brightness. The first problem to be solved is: LED lamp bead power supply, LED lamp bead source, LED lamp bead heat dissipation, LED lamp bead safety. Digit LED Display Supplier will tell you about it.

1. LED lamp power supply

The primary requirement for LED bead power is high efficiency. For products with high efficiency, if the heat is low, the stability will be high. There are usually two methods of isolation and non-isolation in the power supply section; the non-isolated design is limited to dual insulation products, such as alternatives to bulbs, where the LED bead and the entire product are integrated and sealed in a non-conductive plastic, so the end user There is no danger of electric shock.

2. LED lamp light source

The traditional SMD LED lamp bead products can be connected to the positive and negative electrodes through the gold wire of the chip, and also the thermal energy generated by the chip is connected to the silver foot through the gold wire. The conduction of heat and electricity is conducted by money, and the heat is accumulated. A long time will directly affect the life of the 5mm Blue DIP LED bead.

5mm Blue DIP LED

3. LED lamp cooling

The introduction of infrared radiation into the fluorescent tube is an important means to improve the service life of the lamp. In the heat dissipation consideration, the heat dissipation of the LED lamp bead source and the heat dissipation of the power source are separated and do not interfere with each other, thereby ensuring the rationality of heat dissipation.

4. LED lamp bead safety

Mainly said that PC flame retardant plastic tube, because infrared heat can penetrate the PC tube, the design considers the LED lamp bead when used, can consider its safety more, using the physical insulation of the plastic, even when using non-isolated power supply It also guarantees the security of use.

LED lamp beads have been developed for a long time. From the perspective of energy saving, its future application is quite broad. In addition to energy saving, its safe and long-life use is something we should pay more attention to. If you want to know more about PLCC SMD LEDs, please follow our website.