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What Are The Advantages And Features Of Infrared LED Photodiode?

Oct. 15, 2018

Infrared LED Photodiode is a light-emitting display device made of a semiconductor material such as gallium phosphide that directly converts electrical energy into light energy. It emits light when a certain current flows inside it.

The LED light-emitting diode is also formed of a PN structure like a normal light-emitting diode, and also has unidirectional conductivity. It is widely used in various electronic circuits, home appliances, meters and other equipment for power indication or level indication.

Compared with white paper bulbs and xenon lamps, LED light-emitting diodes are characterized by low operating voltage (some only a few volts); low operating current (some can only emit light at a few milliamps); The seismic performance is good, the reliability is high, and the service life is long; the intensity of the light can be easily modulated by the intensity of the current passing through the modulation. Due to these characteristics, LED light-emitting diodes are used as LED Lighting Sources in some photoelectric control devices and as signal displays in many electronic devices.

LED Lighting Sources