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Is The High-power LED Lamp Bead Good Or The Low-power LED Lamp Bead? 2

Jun. 10, 2019

As an LED Light Emitting Diode Supplier, we continue to introduce the impact of LED lamp power.

The low-power LED lamp bead is composed of several to several tens of low-power (about 0.06W) LED lamp bead chips or small lamp bead. It has a shell structure similar to a traditional bulb and is relatively simple to use. Generally, it is a place where the brightness of a bathroom, a walkway, a night light, etc. does not need to be too high and needs to be lit for a long time. High-power LED lamp beads to refer to a single LED lamp bead chip that consumes more than 1W. Most of the household high-power LED lamp beads are composed of 1 to 5 1W LED lamp beads, mainly used as auxiliary light sources or decorative light sources such as spotlights and downlights. Strictly speaking, as long as the production process is correct, both large and small power LED lamp beads to have the characteristics of power saving and longevity. However, the high-power LED lamp bead chip is concentrated in heat, requires a certain heat sink, and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, the quality of high-power LED lamp beads is better than that of low-power LED lamp beads that are generally produced at low cost. In short, regardless of the brightness of the large and small power LED lamp beads and the current energy-saving lamps are similar.

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