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What Is The Structure Of The 5mm LED?

Sep. 20, 2018

The entire setup is coated with a 5mm Epoxy Lens. You will find subsequently bi-pin legs which come off the base of the LED and hang beneath the epoxy package. The longer of the two leads would be that the beneficial side (Anode) and The shorter of the prospects are that the unwanted side (cathode). There's also a flat place at the base of the lens in which the side is, and this can be another way to configure both the negative and positive sides.

As well as conventional white and white warm-white we also offer a wide choice of colour 5mm LEDs; the colour choices vary from ultra-violet via infrared. A number of the colors offered are offered in various output screening angles, but have transparent lenses Unlike additional 5mm LEDs which use a coloured ribbon lens to make colour. We also have LED Segment Display. If you want to know about related products, you can contact me, we will provide you with corresponding services according to your needs.

5mm LED